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About this web site

I created this web site to share the results of using TI-Nspire technology to visualize and solve the types of math problems encountered in college-level math courses. My original objective was to determine if TI-Nspire could match the functionality of the more expensive computer algebra systems used in many colleges and universities. I discovered that, with add-on libraries, the technology is quite capable of handling most undergraduate math and introductory graduate math courses. As a bonus, TI-Nspire technology is much easier to learn and use than its big brothers in the CAS world.

About me

I retired from full-time work after 10 years in the US Army and 33 years as a scientific/technical software developer. I currently teach various math courses part-time as an adjunct faculty member of the math department of Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas.

Summary Resume (pdf)

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